Compassionate Survivors Benefits Mobile Social Security Disability Lawyer

Assisting with survivors benefits

Losing a loved one is one of the most devastating experiences families can go through. When your loved one was a financial provider, it can add overwhelming stress to a situation that is already very difficult. At Byron A. Lassiter & Associates, P.C., our survivors benefits lawyer in the Pensacola and Mobile area, along with our dedicated support staff, understands how difficult this time of loss and financial uncertainty is for you and your family. We help ease the burden by offering the full support and guidance you need to obtain survivors benefits so you can focus on what is most important — your family.

Types of survivors benefits

Our highly experienced and qualified survivors benefits lawyer in Mobile and Pensacola helps the surviving family members of disabled former workers get the benefits they are entitled to:

  • Widower or widow’s claims
  • Divorced spouse’s benefits
  • Children’s SSDI benefits
  • Benefits for dependent parents age 62 or older
  • Death benefits

Lonely-tree-and-benchEarning Social Security survivors benefits

Social Security disability survivors benefits in Alabama and Florida must be earned through jobs that pay Social Security taxes, just like disability benefits are earned. Workers can earn up to four credits each year. For example, in 2012, self-employed workers can earn one credit for every $1,130 of wages, or a total of $4,520 for four credits.

For family members to be eligible for SSDI survivors benefits in Florida or Alabama, their disabled former worker must have earned at least 40 credits by working for 10 years, although the number of required credits depends on the age of worker when he or she dies. In certain situations, children and spouses with children may be able to get survivors benefits even without the required minimum, as long as the deceased worker earned 6 credits for one and a half years worked in the three years before death.

Amount of survivors benefits

The amount of Social Security disability survivors benefits in Florida or Alabama a family can get depends on the number of family members who qualify on a single worker’s work record. In general, each family member may get a monthly benefit of up to 50 percent of the worker’s disability rate, with a total amount per family of 150 to 180 percent of the earned disability benefit.

Compassionate legal help after you have lost a loved one

The staff and survivors benefits attorney and staff at Byron A. Lassiter & Associates, P.C. regularly help family members obtain survivors benefits after the death of a loved one who qualified for Social Security disability benefits. To learn more about our successes and how we may help your family, contact us online or call us toll free at 800.544.3568. Initial consultations are free and there are no fees unless we win benefits for you.