Social Security benefits: Your money, NOT the government’s

We meet a lot of clients who feel ashamed for filing for disability benefits when they have worked every day of their lives and provided for their families without government assistance. The first thing I say to such an individual is…SSDI is not welfare or a “handout”. You have been working most of your life

Possible Phishing Schemes

The Social Security Administration’s Acting Inspector General, Gale Stallworth Stone, is warning citizens about a nationwide telephone “imposter phishing” scheme. The Social Security Administration (SSA) and its Office of the Inspector General (OIG) have received several reports from citizens across the country about persons receiving phone calls from individuals posing as OIG investigators. The caller


If you are seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or both, one of the most important parts of your case is the medical evidence. One of the tips we give our clients is to THINK when you visit your doctor, psychologist, therapist, etc. The people providing you with care take notes

Tips To Help You With Your Claim

If you are seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or both, one of the most important parts of your case is the medical evidence.  It is important to your success to provide the Administrative Law Judge with all relevant evidence, including hospital reports, ER visits, and records of all physicians, psychologists,

National my Social Security Week

April 4th – April 13th is National my Social Security week! We encourage you to sign up for a my Social Security account on the Social Security Administration website. A my Social Security account gives you access to personal information, tools and resources to meet your changing needs and lifestyles. With my Social Security, you

Medical Records and Your Disability Claim

You have an obligation to tell the Social Security Administration about your medical providers.  We help our clients obtain their medical records by requesting them from the treating sources, and then submitting them electronically, so that our client’s medical conditions can be reviewed by the Administrative Law Judge. The medical records tell us, and the

Social Security Disability for Disabled Veterans

Did you know that if you are a disabled veteran the Social Security Administration (SSA) will expedite your claim when filing for disability benefits? Veterans who have a 100% Permanent and Total (P&T) disability compensation rating from the Veterans Administration (VA), and are also pursuing claims for Social Security Disability benefits, will receive expedited processing of their claims by

How Do I Apply for Social Security Disability?

I am frequently asked how does one apply for Social Security disability benefits and what do I need to have. The Social Security Disability application is rather detailed. Applications can be made either online, or by going to the local Social Security office. If you are going to go to the Social Security office, you