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What should I do if my claim for Social Security Disability benefits gets denied?

I am frequently asked the question “What should I do if my claim for Social Security Disability benefits gets denied?”. The answer, however, depends on the specific facts of the person’s situation. In general, though, there are at least five (5) things you should do if your claim for Social Security Disability benefits is denied. You must file […]

New Cancer Listings

The Social Security Administration utilizes a fairly complicated set of regulations in determining whether an individual meets its definition of “disabled”. These regulations cover many factors, including how much an individual can earn, how to classify one’s past work experiences, and how to categorize an individual’s age. In addition, there are regulations called “Listings” that […]

Our New Site Has Launched!

Welcome to our new Web site! We are very excited about getting our new site “live”!!! We hope our new site will be a useful tool for you. On it, you can find information about our Social Security Disability and SSI law practice.  We hope that both the client and the general public will benefit […]