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Disability and Property Tax Exemptions for Alabama Residents

The State of Alabama has enacted laws to help the disabled by providing a property tax exemption. Specifically, homeowners who are permanently and totally disabled enjoy the same homestead exemption as those who are over the age of 65, under certain circumstances. In order to qualify, certain requirements must be met. First, it is up […]

How Do I Apply for Social Security Disability?

I am frequently asked how does one apply for Social Security disability benefits and what do I need to have. The Social Security Disability application is rather detailed. Applications can be made either online, or by going to the local Social Security office. If you are going to go to the Social Security office, you […]

New Cancer Listings

The Social Security Administration utilizes a fairly complicated set of regulations in determining whether an individual meets its definition of “disabled”. These regulations cover many factors, including how much an individual can earn, how to classify one’s past work experiences, and how to categorize an individual’s age. In addition, there are regulations called “Listings” that […]

Our New Site Has Launched!

Welcome to our new Web site! We are very excited about getting our new site “live”!!! We hope our new site will be a useful tool for you. On it, you can find information about our Social Security Disability and SSI law practice.  We hope that both the client and the general public will benefit […]