Medical Records and Your Disability Claim

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You have an obligation to tell the Social Security Administration about your medical providers.  We help our clients obtain their medical records by requesting them from the treating sources, and then submitting them electronically, so that our client’s medical conditions can be reviewed by the Administrative Law Judge.

The medical records tell us, and the judge the following about you:

  • Your Medical history: Your doctor’s records will most likely describe your symptoms and indicate when they began.
  • Your Treatment: Your medical records will most likely provide a medical diagnosis suggested by your symptoms. The records also describe treatments recommended, provide details of any diagnostic testing, and indicate what medications, if any, are prescribed.
  • The Impact on your Life: Your medical records will, hopefully, describe how your disability affects your life. This is important information that you will need to provide to your doctor, as it gives the Administrative Law Judge an indication of how severe your medical conditions are, and provide important indications regarding whether you have the ability to work on a full time basis.

Remember: Your medical evidence needs to be the strength of your case, not its weakness.

Our law firm can help you with the development of your Social Security Disability and/or SSI claim.  We have helped hundreds of people establish their eligibility.  If you are interested in discussing your claim with us, please contact us for a free initial consultation.  We only charge a fee if we win your case!  Our phone numbers are as follows:

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