Social Security Disability for Disabled Veterans

Did you know that if you are a disabled veteran the Social Security Administration (SSA) will expedite your claim when filing for disability benefits?

Veterans who have a 100% Permanent and Total (P&T) disability compensation rating from the Veterans Administration (VA), and are also pursuing claims for Social Security Disability benefits, will receive expedited processing of their claims by the Social Security Administration. Disabled veterans  should notify either their representatives, or SSA, immediately, to receive the expedited scheduling.  SSA will then verify the 100% P&T rating status with the VA. No additional proof will be required to receive the expedited processing by SSA.

The VA 100% P&T rating does not necessarily mean that the disabled veteran will receive approval on the claim for Social Security Disability benefits, as the regulations and definitions for eligibility under the two programs are different.  The disabled veteran will still have to prove, through acceptable medical and non-medical evidence, that all of the requirements for Social Security Disability will be met.  The good news for these veterans, though, is that their claims will receive preferential treatment as far as getting a hearing scheduled and decision made on their claims.

The SSA notes that this expedited policy does not apply to veterans with a 100% disability pension rating.  That is, it only applies to individuals with a 100% disability COMPENSATION rating.

Anyone with questions regarding this policy may, of course, call our office at 1-800-544-3568.  This policy should prove very helpful to our veterans who have served our country so well and deserve our gratitude so much.